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Hypoglycemia Do's and Don'ts

Low Blood Sugar Do’s

There’s never a good or convenient time to have a low blood sugar episode. To minimize the disruption to your life and help prevent problems, make these guidelines a part of your diabetes treatment plan. If your child has diabetes, apply these same guidelines to help keep him or her safe.

Child safety tip: Work out ways your child can reach you, or reach help, quickly if he or she is having a low. Giving your child a cell phone with your phone number and the number they should use to seek immediate medical assistance, is one way.

Low Blood Sugar Don’ts


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Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar can affect people with diabetes. Recognizing and correcting a low blood sugar episode immediately is important. Prepare yourself or your loved one with the information to make the right choices.  Learn More
Be sure to check out our news section and library of articles on hypoglycemia and learn how experts and people of all ages with diabetes are working to prevent, prepare and care for lows wherever their day or night takes them.

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